This is Matty and he is Fucked - Vault F
This is Matty and he is Fucked - Vault F

Vault Festival

The Miniaturists

3rd March 2019

You have spent so much time around kids with no futures that you realise you don’t have one either. You realise life is a ferris wheel not a roller coaster and you are never fucking getting off unless you can jump from the top.

This is Matty, and He is Fucked is a play about your friend Matty. Matty probably won't make it to 30, but you know he'll enjoy every last second.

Serafina Cusack’s fast paced style of writing is complimented by an explosion of movement, street art and improvised electronic music that takes us through the euphoric highs and come-down lows of the illegal rave scene. The piece is a drug fuelled stream of consciousness, that draws you into a world of teenagers, abandoned buildings, music with blow-your-brains-out bass, nox canisters, dealers, pills, police and partying.

Written by Serafina Cusack

Directed by Henry C. Krempels

Produced by Anima Theatre

Lighting design by Benny Goodman

Sound design by Ben White

Performers - Rose Lucas, Deshaye Gayle, Nicole Jebeli, Joshua Jacob

This is Matty and he is Fucked - Vault F

Photos:James Huntrods