Rose Theatre Kingston

International Youth Arts festival

10/11th July 2019

Two teenage girls chat to boys through the latest, must-have dating app. As the banter and risky snaps flow they dissect Georgia’s Love Island loyalty, Dominic Raab’s credentials and Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat. But these days, how can you be sure the person behind the screen matches their profile?

Grafting presents the very real world of so-called paedophile hunters. As both hunters and targets operate almost exclusively online, Grafting considers how the internet is, and should be, policed and asks if we can ever make it a truly safe space for children.

Grafting is a new play written by Kyle Ross, in association with Fine Mess Theatre.

Kyle and Fine Mess were previously presented IYAF Best of Fest 2014 with ‘The Common Land’ and ‘Divas’ in 2015.  

Written by Kyle Ross

Directed by Jamie Woods

Movement Direction by Play Dead

Dramaturgy by Evie Killip

Cast Louise Hoare, Joel Samuels, Caludia Campbell & Jacob Trenerry

Grafting won the Best Theatre of the Festival Award by IYAF 2019.

Photos: Ali Wright Photography

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